The Pilates Place Studios

is a PSAP Approved Pilates School of the PMA.


The Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP) is a program of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

“Beyond the Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Training Program

Our Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Training Program is based on the traditions of Joseph Pilates with adjustments for the current client and their lifestyle demands.

The Pilates Place Studios is the only Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program training site in Miami for the “Beyond The Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Program that complies with Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP) Approved by The Pilates Method Alliance.

The Pilates Place Studios is among the 4 approved Pilates Training schools in the United States, as of March 2018.

The “Beyond the Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program training program was created to address the many different ways our lifestyles have changed since the time of Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s.

In our experience, many of our clients lead very sedentary lifestyles, whether it is at home or in the office. We found the classical Pilates exercises were near impossible for most of our clients to perform, so we had to modify many of them–something we learned as we started teaching Pilates. Our “Beyond The Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Program addresses these lifestyle changes and will prepare you to feel confident in your Pilates teaching abilities while working with a variety of clientele and their specific needs.

Benefits of “Beyond the Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Program:

  1. You will learn all the Pilates Mat Exercises as well as all the Pilates exercises on the different types of traditional Pilates equipment (i.e. Trap Table, Reformer and Chair) and Auxiliary Equipment (i.e. Spine Corrector, Ped-O-Pul, Ladder Barrel, and Magic Circle) in three different modules (Mat, Reformer and Trap Table/Chair/Aux).
  2. You will complete 530 hours of Pilates training (Pilates Method Alliance’s minimum requirement – 450 hours)
  3. You will learn how to modify the Pilates exercises in order to address different body conditions
  4. Once you complete the Pilates training, you will have the knowledge and experience to be successful in working with a variety of populations


The Beyond the Basics Pilates Teacher Certificate Program is designed to train qualified candidates to become quality Pilates teachers by providing the comprehensive Pilates Teacher training which is a requisite for PMA certification eligibility.


To prepare all graduates for entry-level positions as a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher.


Download the School Catalog for “The Beyond the Basics” Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Program. You may also stop by our South Beach location at 1253 Washington Avenue, Suite 302 to pick up a printed school catalog.

Admissions Requirements:

Prospective trainees must:
1) Have taken at least 10 equipment or mat classes
2) Must Be Able To Speak, Understand and Verbally Communicate in English
3) Physically Fit And Able To Lift 20 Lbs
4) Complete and submit the completed program application for Admission to the Beyond the Basics Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Program by the due date to the:

Director of Education
The Pilates Place Studios
1253 Washington Ave. Suite 302
Miami Beach, FL 33139

5) Costs Of Education Are Paid In Full Or Prior Arrangements Are Made With School Director.
6) Commits To Attend Classroom Sessions Or Prior Arrangements Are Made With School Director To Make Up Classroom Session To Be Missed.

*Beyond the Basics LLC / the Pilates Place Studios do not promise employment, certification or success as a Pilates teacher upon completion of the Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Certificate Program.*

Disclaimer: “No Applicant Will Be Denied On The Basis Of Race, National Origin, Color, Creed, Religion, Sex, Age, Disability, Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Or Sexual Orientation” Admission requirements are subject to revision.

“Beyond the Basics” Pilates Certificate Program

Jackie Weiner and Louis Gonzales, the creators of “Beyond the Basics,” have over 25 years combined teaching experience in the field of Pilates and are PMA Certified Instructors. During that time they have taken numerous workshops under many first generation teachers – Lolita San Miguel, Ron Fletcher, Mary Bowen and Kathy Grant. Their basic pilates training (Core Dynamics Pilates) began with more than 450 hours in intensive weekend training workshops, anatomy classes, observing, assisting, and teaching under certified Pilates instructor, and self directed practice to gain proficiency in the Pilates Method. In addition to the basics, both Jackie and Louis have complimented their traditional training with workshops in Pre-natal Pilates, Osteoporosis, Unwinding scoliosis, Advanced Level Pilates workshops and both continue to increase their knowledge and understanding of the human body through continuing education (Classes, Workshops, and Pilates Conferences). We created this pilates training program because we felt that there was a gap between the information offered in basic pilates training programs and the actual bodies we work with on a daily basis. Our hope is that this program will provide the foundation to work with a wide assortment of people and varying bodies.

Requirements for Completion:

  1. Complete 530 hours (140 hours self practice, 140 hours assisting /observation, 140 hours practice teaching, and 110 hours classroom )
  2. Pass written pilates test by “Beyond the Basics” LLC
  3. Pass personal demonstration of pilates exercise competence
  4. Successfully teach a client a private pilates session
  5. Complete comprehensive pilates instruction scheduled at flexible training times based on student availability

Our program goes beyond the minimum requirements needed to take the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) Certification Exam. The PMA took necessary steps outlined by the United States National Commission to produce a test for standardized certification through their prestigious PMA guidelines.

The Pilates Place Studios

5400 NE 4th Court, Studio 4C
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Tel: +1-786-362-5699

The Pilates Place Studios
South Beach:

1253 Washington Avenue, Suite 302
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Tel: +1-305-316-3341

The Pilates Place Studios, in Miami and South Beach

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