Two Day Workshop $250

(10 Pilates Method Alliance CECS)

Taught by Maureen O’Rourke LMT

Location: The Pilates Place Studios in Miami



ANATOMY – The Study of the Body’s Structure

Saturday April 29

12 pm to 6 pm

Body Geography, Movement in planes, Skeleton/ Joints overview, Make skeleton/straw models, compare stretchy theraband w/ rope for tendon/ligament, Muscles overview, Concentric / isometric/eccentric contractions; Mobility/stability; ROM determinants; Relate to exercise progression & difficulty

KINESIOLOGY – The Study of Human Movement

Sunday April 30

12 pm to 6 pm

Consideration of Gravity, Muscular balance & alignment, Proprioception, 5 Principles of Kinesiology, Warmup/Cooldown, types of conditioning, training & injury prevention/treatment

Single Day option available


The Pilates Place Studios

5400 NE 4th Court, Studio 4C
Miami, FL 33137
Tel: +1-305-316-3341

Single Day option available


Maureen O’Rourke LMT, a former dancer with a BFA from the University of California at Santa Barbara, teaches muscular anatomy-in-clay for dancers using the Maniken model, as well as anatomy/physiology, kinesiology/injury prevention and Pilates for Dancers in the college dance program at University of Florida / NWSA since 1988; and gives many lectures and workshops dealing with anatomy and injury prevention for dancers, massage therapists & Pilates teachers around the world.  Ms. O’Rourke is a licensed massage therapist, certified neuromuscular therapist, certified kinesiotaping practictioner, and certified Pilates teacher, specializing in dance rehabilitation and injury prevention.  In addition to working with her private Pilates & massage therapy clients in the Miami area, she heads the therapy department at the New World School of the Arts’ dance division, where she works with high school, college, and professional dancers.



Certification in kinesiotaping (CKTP)

massage therapy modalities

Certification Pilates through Core Dynamics – M.Larsson, K. Bowen

Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy, St. John Method

Educating Hands Massage Therapy Diploma

LMT licensed in State of Florida

BFA Modern Dance, University of California at Santa Barbara


Single Day option available