Group and Private Pilates Sessions
Available in Spanish, Portuguese & German


30 minute free private introductory session for new local Miami residents to get familiar with our Balanced Body pilates equipment

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Private Pilates Sessions

Private pilates sessions are scheduled by appointment for one, two, or three people.

To schedule a private pilates session email or call us.

At this time, request if you prefer to have the class in Spanish, Portuguese or German.

Private Pilates Session (One Person)
Equipment Used: Trapeze table- Reformer-High Barrel-Ped-o-Pul
This is a one on one pilates training session using a combination of the pilates equipment depending on the client’s needs. A typical pilates class will entail moving the whole body through different pilates exercises to ensure balanced body development.

Duet Pilates Session (Two People)
This is a pilates equipment class for two comparably skilled people using the Reformer, Tower and Pilates Chair equipment.

Trio Pilates Session (Three People)
This is a pilates equipment class for three comparably skilled people using the Reformer, Tower and Pilates Chair equipment.

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Group Pilates Classes

Group pilates classes offered on a regular schedule, incorporate the tower with the pilates chair, mat work, Trapeze table, as well as the Reformer machine.

Tower Pilates Class (Maximum – 6 people) 
Group pilates class incorporating the tower along with pilates chair and mat work

Reformer Pilates Class (Maximum – 5 people) 
Group pilates class using the Reformer machine moving through a specific sequence of pilates exercises

Introduction to Group Pilates Equipment Class 
Pilates equipment class that will mostly concentrate on Level 1 and Level 2 pilates exercises on each separate apparatus. In order to proceed to the Tower Pilates or Reformer Pilates Equipment class, the client must understand fundamental body movements, be able to set-up equipment and understand equipment safety.

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Rates of Private Pilates Sessions


Private Classes 55 minutes 1 person

1 Session:    $140

5 Sessions:   $675

10 Sessions:   $1300

20 Sessions:   $2,500

Private Classes 1 person with Jackie or Louis

1 Session:    $185

5 Sessions:   $900 

10 Sessions:   $1,750 

20 Sessions:   $3,400 

Private Classes Duet, 2 people

1 Session:    $80 per person

5 Sessions:   $385 

10 Sessions:   $740 

20 Sessions:   $1,420

Private Classes Duet, 2 people with Jackie or Louis

1 Session:    $105 per person

5 Sessions:   $500 ($100@)

10 Sessions:   $950 ($95@)

20 Sessions:   $1,800 ($90@)

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Group Pilates Classes

*** Packages are for Equipment Classes and *not* for MAT or MELT Classes

Group Equipment Classes

1 Session:    $55

10 Sessions:   $500 ($50@)

15 Sessions:  $645 ($43@)

20 Sessions:   $760 ($38@)

30 Sessions:    $990 ($33@)

*six-month expiration date from purchase

Group Packages Monthly

NEW Package Alert:

4 Classes:    $130

8 Classes:    $220

10 Classes:    $249

12 Classes:    $275

Unlimited Evening Classes:   $249

1 Month unlimited:   $429

*one-month expiration date from purchase; does not auto-renew

Introduction to Group Equipment Class

Three Private Sessions and Three Group Classes:    $399 (value $525)

The MELT Method®

melt_feel_better_300x250The MELT Method® is a breakthrough self-treatment system that restores the supportiveness of the body’s connective tissue to eliminate chronic pain, improve performance, and decrease the accumulated stress caused by repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.

MELT improves: flexibility & mobility, posture, the results of exercise, range of motion, sleep & digestion, overall well-being

MELT reduces: aches & pains, inflammation, wrinkles & cellulite, tension, headaches, risk of injury

Private and Semi-Private instruction with Jackie Weiner is welcomed by appointment.

Jackie also offers off-premise private/semi-private sessions in your home, office, sports facility or education center.

The Pilates Place Studios’ Policy

  • – This contract and all classes are non-transferable.
  • – NO DROP-INS are allowed for any Group Pilates Class. Classes are by SIGN-UP ONLY!
  • – Please see Pilates class descriptions to determine if the class is appropriate for you.
  • – Pilates classes are provided on a first come / first serve basis. Please allow ample time when registering for Pilates class, since space is LIMITED!
  • – Additional Pilates classes can be added based on demand.  Please speak with an instructor for additional class requests.
  • – Please arrive 10 minutes early to prepare for class.
  • – Proper attire is required, including appropriate workout attire and non-slip socks.
  • – Proper hygiene is required, including cleanliness, use of deodorant when necessary, and unsoiled clothing.  Please refrain from wearing lotion, perfume, or other products with fragrance in consideration of others using the equipment and those with allergies.
  • – No jewelry should be worn when using the equipment to protect the equipment from unnecessary damage.
  • – Please wipe down any equipment used and return it to the designated location.
  • – If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. Call/text us at 305-316-3341. Please note that clients that do not cancel within 24 hours or do not show up for a scheduled class will be subjected to a late cancellation fee of one class, which will either be billed to the client or charged to the client’s package.
  • – A minimum of three people is required to run a Pilates equipment class and a maximum of six people can participate. We reserve the right to cancel any class that does not have a minimum of 3 people.
  • – As an accommodation for classes that have one person signed up, we will offer a private class for an additional $35. 


What are they saying:

'every pilates class is fun and different, No 2 classes are ever the same'

What's been the most important thing The Pilates Place has done for you in the past 30 days?

CYNTHIA :  It was very important for me to continue doing my daily Pilates, I would have been lost and very frustrated if the Pilates Place didn’t offer the virtual classes!
Not only their classes keep me fit and healthy but they help me put a bit of structure in these chaotic times 😉

`April 2020

'people feel comfortable coming here'

What's been the most impactful thing The Pilates Place has done for you in the past 30 days?

SANDY & NACHUM: Our Zoom Pilates classes give my husband and I structure and discipline during these difficult times. Each instructor has their own  approach and keeps each full body workout interesting and challenging; strengthening and toning our bodies and also very importantly,  lifting our spirits. Comforting to see the instructors and fellow classmates; creating a good atmosphere and fostering the belief,” We are all in this together.”

We love our 6 day a week Pilates boost, strengthening and stretching our bodies as well as raising our spirits and moods! 

We are very grateful we have these Pilates classes

`April 2020

'we use Balanced Body equipment, which is the finest pilates equipment a studio can offer'

What's been the most important thing The Pilates Place has done for you in the past 30 days?

MARIE : Thanks to the Pilates Place South Beach I have been able to start my days with a routine that sets the day in the right way . The teachers are as amazing virtually as they are in the studio.

I am very thankful to the whole team

`April 2020

'supportive and relaxing environment'

What's been the most impactful thing The Pilates Place has done for you in the past 30 days?

I’ve bettered my posture,
It’s helped with my flexibility and strengthened my core.
Helped with anxiety and insomnia.
Overall walking better every day! Feeling good

`April 2020

'our pilates teachers are enthusiastic about teaching and helping the clients every pilates class is fun and different, No 2 classes are ever the same'

'always have snacks with fresh nespresso coffee pre/post workout'

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