I’m a yogi. It’s my happy place. It’s also the only workout I’ve ever been able to get into. And believe me, I’ve tried plenty. There was the summer I decided to run—and wound up with shin splints so bad I thought someone with a Ginger voodoo doll was torturing me. Then, there was the time I decided to spin. That seat and my ass are never, ever, ever getting back together. And how can I forget the summer Maria Tettamanti talked me into joining the boxing gym? Let’s face it, I’m a lover, not a fighter. Crossfit? No thanks. Ever.

So when Maria invited me to Pilates at The Pilates Place with teacher Jackie Weiner, I thought, “Here we go again.” There’s something about her and the summer months that make me venture off the yoga mat and into experimental workouts. And after all the times before, I pre-decided I would most likely hate it.

Boy was I wrong. Pilates is kind of amazing. Sure, the reformer looks like a torture device—and sometimes it feels like maybe it is, but it’s not without results. I can feel my muscles getting longer and more toned with every set.

I’ve survived two classes and actually liked them. There’s definitely a Pilates/yoga connection that I can get into. Any workout where I can close my eyes and Zen off is my kind of workout. And the low reps are amazing. Doing six effective reps is so much more my style than doing 15 really great push-ups and 35 sloppy ones thereafter.

As for the next-day soreness, sure it felt like someone was kicking me in the sides for a week, but it literally was gone two days later. And two months from now when new abs start to unveil themselves, I look forward to feeling the burn.

Photographed by Maria Tettamanti.

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